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Avialeasing IL-76 UK-76410 carried electronic goods from Singapore.
GATS Ilyushin 76 3C-KKF in the old colors.
Inversija IL-76 YL-LAJ.
Iraqi Airways IL-76 YI-ANB.
Busol Airlines IL-76 UR-76680 on final approach to runway 05.
Sayakhat IL-76 UN-76384.
Air Koryo IL-76 P-912 on a diplomatic visit to Geneva.
Aeroflot IL-76 CCCP-76712 with the old Soviet flag.
Syrian Air Force IL-76 YK-ATB transported cars during the visit of the President in the early nineties.
Iraqi Airways Ilyushin 76 YI-ALL was wearing a white colorscheme when it visited Geneva.
Turkmenistan IL-76 EZ-F422 still in basic Aeroflot colors.
DPTS Association is grateful to the photographers who provided some of the older pictures.

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          other Cargo Airplanes
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Gats Airlines IL-76 3C-KKG is seen departing Geneva wearing modified titles and belly colors arrangement.