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Last update : 24 November, 2001

Atlantic Airlines Electra G-LOFE in the newest colors. That aircraft type currently flies every weekday to Geneva on contract for DHL.
Atlantic Airlines Electra G-LOFC with the new name but still wearing the old colors.
Atlantic Cargo Electra G-LOFC wearing the original colorscheme.
Channel Express Electra G-OFRT visited Geneva a single time as a subcharter.
Hunting Cargo Airlines Electra EI-CHX used to be a frequent visitor when used by DHL and TNT for flights to Geneva.
Hunting Cargo Airlines Electra EI-CHZ flying as a subcharter and still wearing the colors of the swedish airline Falcon Cargo.
Amerer Air Electra of Austria was still registered in the United States as N356Q when subchartered by TNT for a flight to Geneva.
Fred Olsen Electra LN-FOL seen painted in full DHL colors, except for the rudder.
Fred Olsen Electra LN-FOG was painted in partial DHL colors with a white belly and smaller titles.
Fred Olsen Electra LN-FOI in full colors seen taxying out to operate a flight for DHL.
DPTS Association is grateful to the photographers who provided some of the older pictures.

Last update: 24 November, 2001

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          other Cargo Airplanes
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