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Last update : 24 November, 2001

MK Airlines Douglas DC-8-62 9G-MKH.
Liberia World DC-8-50 EL-AJQ with "ACR" tail titles arrived from Cairo carrying arms and ammunitions.
Cargo Lion DC-8-62 LX-TLB arriving in Geneva to pick up goods for an humanitarian flight to East Timor.
Aer Turas DC-8-63 EI-CGO operated two flights on behalf of Royal Air Maroc.
Emery Worldwide DC-8-71 N796FT.
Kabo Air Douglas DC-8-50 5N-AWE.
Cargosur Douglas DC-8-62 EC-ELM parked on the ramp.
Saudia Cargo DC-8-63 TF-FLC.
DPTS Association is grateful to the photographers who provided some of the older pictures.

Last update: 24 November, 2001

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          other Cargo Airplanes
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Flying Tiger Line DC-8-63CF N779FT is seen parked on position 19 well before the construction of the Palexpo exhibition hall and the Arena concert facilities.
Airlift DC-8-63CF N6163A is seen being loaded on the cargo ramp.