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Last update : 24 November, 2001

Inter Trans Air Antonov 12 LZ-ITA operating a subcharter for TNT.
Etele Air Antonov 12 RA-11117 during a visit by night.
Balkan Antonov 12 LZ-BAE arriving in Geneva to pick up goods for a Red Cross relief flight.
Heavylift visited Geneva once with their Antonov 12 LZ-BAE leased from Balkan.
Air Sofia Antonov 12 LZ-SFL in white colors with "Cargo" as sole titles.
Aeroflot Antonov 12 RA-11109 with white belly colorscheme.
LOT Polish Airlines Antonov 12 SP-LZB in the old colors.
DPTS Association is grateful to the photographers who provided some of the older pictures.

Last update: 24 November, 2001

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          other Cargo Airplanes
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